Disposable paper soup bowls with lids

5 types of best disposable paper soup bowls with lids

admin0 CommentsNovember 27, 2021

It’s a nice winter morning, drizzling rain makes you snuggle up under a soft blanket and have a nice bowl of hot soup. Yummm, you think of your favorite restaurant,…

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paper ice cream cup with lids wholesale

Paper Ice Cream cups with lids wholesale

admin0 CommentsOctober 7, 2021

At Aecoz Bioware, we manufacture a wide range of paper ice cream cups with lids wholesale. It comes in different sizes and colors. Customization of these ice cream cups with…

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Disposable food containers wholesale

5 tips for buying disposable food containers wholesale

admin0 CommentsSeptember 14, 2021

While buying any product in retail, it is easy, because the product is right in front of you. You can touch, feel and see the product and decide if it…

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Disposable paper food container manufacturers

Disposable food container manufacturers – The making

admin0 CommentsJuly 22, 2021

Have you ever wondered how disposable food container manufacturers make the paper into containers? Do you know what are the different types of paperboards that are available and what are…

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disposable food containers - Aecoz

Types of versatile disposable food containers

admin1 CommentJune 21, 2021

The majority of our population enjoys the On-The-Go trend. We love our food to be packed and to be eaten on the way, while on-road, or while working. This on-the-go…

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