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5 tips for buying disposable food containers wholesale

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While buying any product in retail, it is easy, because the product is right in front of you. You can touch, feel and see the product and decide if it is a good quality product, is it worth buying this, will it last long enough. The equation changes completely when you are buying disposable food containers wholesale.

Wholesale is when you buy any product in bulk, in large quantities. Here, the option to check each individual product is very less.  Therefore, it becomes very important to follow certain rules before buying disposable food containers wholesale.

In this article, we have listed some of the points that have come to our notice from our customers. These are the general ways of mismatch that happens in wholesale. It does not mean that every vendor is like this, but it is important to check before ordering.

Samples v/s Products

This is the first and foremost thing while connecting with a new vendor. Always ask them to send samples of disposable food containers wholesale before buying in bulk, that way you are assured of the quality, size, and any other specifications that you are looking at.

One thing to be careful of is, sometimes, the samples and the actual product does not match, this becomes a bigger problem, as you would expect the products to be the same as samples. However, there is one simple solution, make use of the technology! After asking them for samples, schedule a video call with them and ask them to show the samples, in video. You can record this video also, so that you know which samples, what was the quality and if there is any difference, well, you know what to do.

Factory Visit

The second best thing to do is to schedule a factory visit. You could visit the factory, check the production line, quality check, packing and dispatch areas to see how synchronized are the team here. Some factories do not allow factory visits, as some of the product will be patented. If this, then you can visit their corporate office and meet the people. Having a face-to-face meeting with the people you are doing business is always a good option.

This helps you get an assurance on buying the disposable food containers wholesale

If this is not feasible, again use of technology may come in handy. Set up a video call with all of them, clear all doubts before.

Quantity mismatch

Quantity mismatch is one of the most common mistakes that happen in any industry. While ordering in bulk, by human error, or by any other reason, there might be a mismatch in quantity. Although this is not a very big issue, you can always tell your supplier and this will be corrected by them.

It is a good practice to keep things in check. Check from your end as soon as your receive your disposable paper food containers wholesale delivered, for quantity and quality.

Packing mismatch

Two types of packing mismatch can happen. One is where the box quantity is different. Suppose the 1 box quantity is 500 pieces, but they have packed only 400 in a box. This is a regular counting mismatch and can be informed to the vendor and taken care of.

The second type is where the order is for one size but the order dispatched is another. Mismatch in the required size.

These types of mismatch costs time and transport expense. So, make sure you are tied up with a professional disposable food containers wholesaler to avoid these delays and additional costs.

Delivery trouble

This is one of the most troublesome tasks, because, sometimes it does not involve you or your vendor. Disposable food container wholesale is usually delivered through a transporter. These transporters are third-party vendors who transport goods between two parties. A lot of mishaps happen in this transport. Mishandling of goods, lost goods, stolen goods, etc; having a trusted transporter will make your life much easier.

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