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Top disposable tableware that can replace Indian Thali

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Indian Thali – the wholesome meal. It consists of a salad, rice, chapatti, curry, dry sabji, dessert, and pickle. This is quite popular in online food ordering apps. How does the restaurant solve this using disposable tableware? Have a look at the sustainable replacement for Indian Thali.

Disposable tableware for Indian thali.

1. South Indian Thali:

Have you ever been devoured by South Indian food? It’s the tastiest and healthiest cuisine ever!!! It comes with a minimum of 8 to max ‘cant-put-a-number’ varieties.

A salad (kosumbari), stir-fried vegetables (palya), Rasam, Sambar, Rice, Dessert, Papad, and curd rice. These are the varieties that need to be packed and sent to hungry customers.

2. North Indian Thali:  

 North Indian food is quite similar in terms of a number of delicacies offered for a different taste pallet.
A typical north Indian Thali consists of Roti, dry sabji, curry, salad, and rice. These are the varieties that come in a small thali. A big thali consists of many more varieties of mouthwatering delicacies.

Disposable tableware options by Aecoz.

Meal Box 1:

Easy, to carry, for a simple meal of 5 items. It comes with different-sized containers that can fit each of these items perfectly well. All these meal boxes are completely customizable to the restaurants’ requirements. Any number of containers can be fit in each meal box

Disposable tableware

Meal Box 2:

This is a small carrier meal box. This sustainable meal box comes with an easy handle to carry. This can hold weight up to 3 kgs. It is perfect for a meal for 2. This can hold additional varieties of curries and side dishes. Also, can hold rice for about 1 KG. The meal box is completely customizable including the branding. A meal box is one thing that reaches the customer directly, where you can talk to them. This is the place that can be branded and made sure that your restaurant stands out in the packaging.

Disposable tableware - Aecoz meal box

Meal box 3:

This is a big carrier meal box. This meal box can hold weight up to 5 kgs weight. With enough room for a meal for 4. Perfectly packaged complete meal box that entire family can sit together and eat. This meal box can hold up to 5 kgs of weight. This meal box also can be customized for size, contents, and branding. Show all your love to customers via brand printing on these meal boxes.

Disposable tableware - Aecoz big meal box

Premium Meal box:

This is made of a C flute corrugated box for corporate customers. Premium meal box is designed differently; it has a unique appeal and design. It has a chic look, and the food presented in this meal box is eye-catchy. The paperboard used for this will be of premium quality. Those who are supplying to premium customers and brand-conscious restaurants and cloud kitchens can go for this.

Disposable tableware - Premium meal box

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