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Types of versatile disposable food containers

admin Comment 1 June 21, 2021

The majority of our population enjoys the On-The-Go trend. We love our food to be packed and to be eaten on the way, while on-road, or while working. This on-the-go trend has no signs of slowing down and the demand for versatile disposable food container packaging is on all time high. Industries are now trying to find a way to balance customer convenience and sustainability.

While there are many eco-friendly packaging available, like areca plates and bowls, bagasse packaging, cornstarch, none of these are a suitable alternative for semi-liquid food like soups, curries, etc; Customer convenience and sustainability should go hand in hand, non-availability of suitable sustainable packaging should definitely not be a reason to shift to plastic packaging.

Thankfully, at Aecoz, we believe customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We work to understand customer needs. Taking customer feedback into consideration, we introduced leakproof, spillproof containers, and what more, we have a new product innovation that can make the product tamper-proof as well.

Typically restaurants deliver food with these types of disposable food containers as listed below:

Paper disposable dip cups or ice cream cups:

Small Disposable Food Containers

These small disposable food containers are usually used to serve dips, sauces, chutneys, mayonnaise, etc; They are also the ones that are available at the ice cream stores for a single scoop. These types of dip cups are generally not available on paper, so people tend to move to plastic alternatives. But these are not hard to replace. At Aecoz, we manufacture from 50 ml cups to 180 ml paper cups. Click here to know more.

2. Paper disposable soup cups:

Disposable Food Containers

Paper disposable food containers are the widely used paper packaging. These are multi-purpose cups serving a variety of foods like soups, sambar, salad, rasam, etc; These are also the perfect alternative for ice cream cups for takeaway and deliveries, as they can also be stored in freezers. These paper ice cream containers serve multi-purpose in daily household activities as well. You can also place an order for 250 ml and 450 ml containers here.

Paper disposable tubs and biriyani containers

Salad Disposable Food Containers

Paper disposable food containers are largely used for serving biriyani, and salad. Since they have a bigger top dia makes them perfect to present your food well. After all, we eat our food with our eyes first. All our products are made from high food grade papers, making sure that the food you put in it is safe and healthy. The design is flexible so that not even a morsel of food is wasted.

People will always prepare food at home and eat, but now they are picking up on-the-go food more and more. The need for sustainable disposable food containers increases. At Aecoz the advantages are many, as you already these are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, they can also be customized with the brand, and design that matches the components, making it attractive.

A brief about us:
Aecoz Bioware Pvt Ltd, we are the disposable food container manufacturers in Bangalore. We pioneer in innovating disposable food containers to consumer needs through innovation. As mentioned in the content above, we also supply tamper-proof disposable food containers. Contact us to know more.

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