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Paper Food Containers: Myth vs. Fact

admin Comment 1 January 26, 2021

The year 2020, is the year that goes into our memory for a long time. It is also the year, which has taught us to be more responsible and loving. However, we have failed our mother nature terribly this year. Since the pandemic hit us, the usage of plastic in all areas has skyrocketed. Single-use plastic has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. It is a boon for our front-line workers to keep Covid 19 at bay and maintain social distance. These are the cases where it is absolutely necessary. However, in most cases, by being mindful of our choices plastic pollution can be very easily avoided. One such case is the usage of plastic disposables in food delivery and takeaway, which can be easily replaced by paper food containers.

Just in the year 2020, plastic consumption has increased by a whopping 300%. Only with our collective efforts and mindful shopping can this be brought down. While some of the single-use plastic is necessary, most of it can be avoided. In the links and photos below; you will find some gut-wrenching pictures that show the hard reality of using plastic. In this article, we try and bust some myths related to disposable plastic containers and promote the use of disposable paper food containers.

Plastic menace in Ivory Coast

Sri Lanka

Plastic pollution in animals

Myth v/s Fact

Most of you must have heard some of the popular myths related to disposable paper food containers.

Myth: You can’t microwave in paper food containers:

Fact: Paper food containers are also easily microwavable and do not harm the food inside.  As wrongly claimed by some people, they do not catch fire when put in the microwave. It works exactly the same as plastic containers.

Myth: Paper food containers cannot store hot food.

Fact: Paper food containers, can store both hot food and cold food without getting soggy for over 2 hours. It is used to store or serve ice creams and also used for hot curries and other hot food delivery and takeaways. This is definitely a better alternative than plastic containers as it is eco friendly.

Myth: Food stored in Paper food containers carries a smell.

Fact: Our products are manufactured with the best raw materials. The paper used is branded, high quality, food-grade paper; we at Aecoz make sure that our products are leak-proof, heat resistant, and without any smell. Because of these high-quality raw materials, there is no pungent smell, making it the safest and the best in the market.

“Nurturing nature is not just a duty, but it’s a responsibility”. Each of us collectively should work towards getting our nature prepared for the next generation. We should strive to leave behind beautiful planet earth full of resources. It is our moral obligation to choose what is best for nature. Choose Aecoz, choose nature.

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  • Nidhi Company Registration

    June 19, 2021 at 10:39 am / Reply

    Plastic pollution is the biggest issue worldwide because people use plastic products anywhere and throughout the animals or birds to eat this product. This product is harmful to our earth and everyone is responsible for pollution.

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