Biodegradable food boxes

Biodegradable Boxes for Food: A Sustainable Revolution by Aecoz Bioware Bangalore

admin0 CommentsSeptember 4, 2023

In a world where environmental consciousness is a defining theme, the need for sustainable alternatives is paramount. Enter Aecoz Bioware, a trailblazing company hailing from the bustling city of Bangalore,…

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Paper Packaging in Bangalore

Paper Packaging in Bangalore: Embracing Sustainability with Every Package

admin0 CommentsAugust 7, 2023

In the bustling city of Bangalore, a green revolution is underway, and it starts with a simple choice – paper packaging. As the awareness of environmental impact grows, businesses and…

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Disposable takeaway soup bowls

admin0 CommentsApril 6, 2023

Disposable takeaway soup bowls are a popular choice among many individuals who want to enjoy a hot bowl of soup on the go. These bowls are designed to be lightweight…

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eco-friendly takeaway containers.

6 options for eco-friendly takeaway containers online

admin0 CommentsJuly 27, 2022

Pandemic is almost at the bay, and travel has opened big and grand. With the vast majority of people wanting to go with sustainable travel, here we have listed 6…

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Use of plastic

6 easy ways to cut down the use of plastic

admin0 CommentsJune 27, 2022

In recent times, we have seen and heard about the damages that plastic pollution can cause to the environment. We have heard some extreme health hazards; the use of plastic…

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