make money during the pandemic

How Restaurants can make money during the pandemic

admin Comments 0 December 23, 2020

Year 2020, a year that forced all of us to think and act differently. For one such challenge faced by the hospitality industry, we have compiled a list of tips that helps restaurants to make money during the pandemic. Read on…

The damage caused by COVID – 19 is not only of the health risk it carries with it, but also the economic and the financial deep dent it has caused. The pandemic has torn pockets in almost all sectors without any geographical barriers. Surely, hospitality industry comes in the top 5 of the list of worst affected sectors. Since there is no vaccine yet, most people prefer to stay away from social gatherings, and crowded spaces. And since most of them are at home, cooking has become fun and an interesting family activity, reducing the footfall further. In this article we have listed down a few simple steps through which restaurants can more money during the pandemic. Read on to know more.

However the ray of hope is that people have started ordering food online and it is expected to skyrocket during the Christmas holidays. Are restaurants prepared for such a situation? What steps can they take to thrive during this pandemic?

We spoke to some of the restaurant owners who did well and here are some of the tips:

1. Differentiate Between Competitors

Since the pandemic has brought out a sense of fear and danger in almost every individual, maintaining a strong image and making the customer feel safe is of utmost importance.  

Greeting your customers as soon as they walk in, talking to them about the cleanliness, social distancing seats, hygiene and other changes that you have brought into the restaurant due to COVID is most likely to make them feel safe. How is the food handled? What kind of food containers that are being used in the restaurant, hygiene of the people handling the food. You have to identify your competitors and make sure that you are doing everything right to keep a healthy image.

2. Takeaway Image

One of the keys to making more money in the restaurant business this year 2020 is takeaways and deliveries. Since the pandemic, takeaways or deliveries have become a popular thing. People feel safer when the food comes to their door, than walking to the restaurant and put themselves and everyone else in danger. So, the takeaway image is of the utmost importance. If possible shoot a video on the premises shows the disposable food containers used. Make sure you use paper food containers than plastic or foam ones as people give more attention to the health and environment as well.

3. Online Food Orders

These days there are many different apps for you to serve your customers. If you look hard, it is more than advantageous for both your customers and you to send out online orders as it decreases the chances of spreading COVID.  Register all of these apps like zomato, swiggy etc for online orders put out the special pandemic guidelines. Give more details via video. Use only paper food containers for online deliveries.

These are some of the tips to face the pandemic that is looming on all of us. Hey, we have to make the best use of what we have without fighting with nature right!! Hope you guys will be able to take away some tips, make money during the pandemic and find a way to conserve nature. Say no to plastic! Use paper food containers!!

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