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3 types of paper sauce pots with lids

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We are very sure that you have seen many cute paper sauce pots, which carry these tiny portions of tomato ketchup or salsa at the restaurants, or takeaways. Today we bring to you the 3 types of paper dip cups with lids.

Small paper sauce pots

Small paper sauce pots are the ones that you generally find in burger places. Where they serve the tomato ketchup in these mini containers. These are very cute to look at, but some of these containers, are dangerous as they are wax coated. Wax-coated paper containers are dangerous because the wax coating can melt at the slightest hint of heat. This wax seeps into the food that it holds and into the body thereafter.

So, be very careful while choosing your products that serve food.

50 ml paper sauce pots with lids

50 ml paper sauce pots with lids, hold a sufficient quantity of ketchup for all the ketchup lovers. It is also used for small single scoop ice creams, salsa, dressing, mayo, etc;  Lids start from 50ml and above, anything lesser than this, manufacturing a lid for it would be very difficult, and not easily available.

So, if you want lids, then you have to go with 50 ml paper dip cups with lids.

90 ml disposable paper saucepots

A little bigger in size, these 90ml disposable paper saucepots are perfect to serve mayo, chipotle, and any sides for a pizza or a burger. These disposable paper dip cups also come with lids, making them perfect for takeaway packaging. Usually, these can be used to carry takeaway food for bulk orders.

110 ml takeaway paper sauce pots

110 ml paper sauce cups are usually for takeaways, or for combo meal offers. 110ml paper dip cups come with a leak-proof lid, so can be easily placed in a takeaway box without worrying about leakage.

So, what are your thoughts on these small paper containers? Have you seen or used done yet? Share your thoughts with us.

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