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6 easy ways to cut down the use of plastic

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In recent times, we have seen and heard about the damages that plastic pollution can cause to the environment. We have heard some extreme health hazards; the use of plastic can have on our health. It has become absolutely necessary for all of us collectively, to pledge against the use of plastic. Make sure that the plastic is taken out from the face of the earth. Pledge to keep our planet safe for the generations to come. So, here we have compiled 6 easy ways to cut down plastic consumption in our daily lives.

Carry your own bags:

The simple act of carrying our own bags wherever we go helps us tackle plastic head-on. You can carry a cloth bag, or reuse an existing plastic bag in your handbag wherever you go. You can also store extra bags in your vehicles also. This way, you can help your friends and relatives who have missed carrying their bags.  You will be saving plastic for an entire family. These small steps that we do as individuals can keep our planet healthy for a long time.

Carry your own water bottles:

Another easy step for all of us to do is to carry our own water bottles or reuse the ones that we have stored at home. Refill water whenever possible. When you stop at a restaurant, or you see a stream passing by, make sure you fill up all the empty bottles. As suggested in the previous point, also have extra empty bottles in your vehicle.

There is also an added advantage of carrying our own bottles. We can stop littering. Throwing water bottles in all the public places and making them dirty is what we have seen a lot in recent years. We can completely stop it if we carry our own bottles. So, along with reduced use of plastic, you can help to keep the place clean.

Use reusable or eco-friendly straws

You can save up to 1500 straws entering the ocean per year if you switch to reusable eco-friendly straws. There are many varieties of eco-friendly straws available, bamboo straws, paper straws, metal straws, etc. you can pack one in your vehicle and purse and reuse it whenever possible. Also, you can try out different varieties and styles. It could be a style statement too.

Use reusable cutlery or eco-friendly containers for food delivery

Approximately 2,22,289 take-out containers were found in global cleanup in 2020. 63% of plastic waste produced in India is disposable plastic food packaging. That’s a whopping number. How we as individuals can contribute to this? The first best option is to bring your own containers from home. But, in this practical fast-paced world that is not possible, then how do we approach this? The next best is to ask the restaurants and hotels to pack your food in eco-friendly containers. Only when you ask this, it is done. Else, the use of plastic can never be curbed.


What is recycling? It is the process of converting waste into new materials and objects. Plastic materials made of higher microns are recyclable. It can be made into a completely new product. How is this good? Recycling existing plastic reduces the production of new plastic. Thereby decreasing demand. But, unfortunately, 64% of plastic is not recycled. This is a huge number. What we can do? Try and sort the waste and put the recyclable waste in recycle bin. This way it is easier for the garbage collectors to recycle the waste.

Buy Local

You must have heard this in recent times that we need to buy local as much as possible. Why buy local? Reduces the transportation needed to it to places. Thereby reducing the carbon emission. Try to support local farmers and save the environment.

So, here are 6 simple steps that we can do in our daily lives. Practice these steps as much as possible to save the environment and save our generation.

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