Disposable paper food container manufacturers

Disposable food container manufacturers – The making

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Have you ever wondered how disposable food container manufacturers make the paper into containers? Do you know what are the different types of paperboards that are available and what are the different uses of these paperboards?

There is also a popular opinion that paperboards are actually not good for nature because you have to cut trees to make them. Is it actually true? Then how are we claiming to manufacture eco-friendly products?

In this article, we try to put this argument to rest. We try to explain the journey of the paper to the disposable paper food container manufacturers and how it is disposed of.

How do disposable food container manufacturers get the raw manterial?

One of the most popular companies in India established decades ago and has spread its wings to most of the commodity products, ITC, is one of the biggest suppliers of papers in India, for almost all paper products. Be it your notebooks, newspapers, any kind of paper board, ITC is the prominent supplier.

ITC’s subsidiary, Bhadrachalam Paper works, has more than 740,491 acres of plantation cover. The company grows trees in these hectares of land, which is used to make paper pulp. ITC has increased local plantation, to reduce the carbon footprints from imports. Last year alone, ITC has sequestered 5238kT of CO2.

And as we all know trees have a lot of positive impacts on our environment, food, water, air, everything is covered by a growing lot of trees.

Surely, plastic food containers are always about 20% cheaper than paper food containers. But when you look back, this will negligible when compared to the effect it might have on our beloved planet.

Types of paper board

Before going into different types of paperboard, let us understand what is paperboard? A paperboard is technical, a mat of interlaced network f cellulose fibers. This multi-layer becomes a mat of smooth paper. The paper mat up to 170 gsm is called Paper, and above 170 gsm it is paperboard.  

Based on the processing techniques, there are 4 basic types of paperboards,

a. White Lined Chipboard (WLC)

b. Solid Bleached Board or sulfate (SBB / SBS)

c. Folding Boxboard (FBB)

d. Coated Unbleached Kraft board (CUK)

FBB paperboard is made from Virgin fibers, so it is suitable for food packaging. We disposable paper food container manufacturers, use only high-quality food-grade FBB paperboard to make the round paper containers. There are a lot of benefits of using FBB paperboards, they are flexible, easy to print, and easy to handle. These types of paperboards can be used in microwaves, can be refrigerated, and can be used to store dry goods as well.

Paper roll to paper blanks

Paper food containers
Paper Blanks with branding

The next step in the process of making disposable paper food containers is getting the paper blanks. Blanks are cut pieces of paper, which is of specific design and size. Based on these designs, disposable paper food container manufacturers get the desired bowl sizes. 2 oz will have a smaller blank and gets bigger as the size goes bigger.

Paperboards; come in big paper roll format. These big rolls are then cut into the blanks. Metal molds are made with careful calculation, and to perfection to get the blank-shaped molds. Paper rolls are fed to the machines, which cut the paper into blanks.

These paper packaging can also be customized to the brand requirements of the customer. Printing designs are also done in this phase. Along with cutting into blanks, brand printing is also done on these blanks.

Paper blanks to bowls

Paper container manufacturers machines
Aecoz Paper Bowl Machine

Disposable paper container manufacturers have different machines for the different sized disposable food bowls. The machines usually have 2 input paper. One is the blanks that we saw earlier, and the other one is the paper bottom roll.

In the first inlet, paper blanks are stacked one on top of the other. The machines pull these blanks one after the other and sent them to the heat sealing point. Ultrasonic then seals the ends of these blanks and makes them into a cylindrical-shaped hallow container without a bottom at this moment.

 The mold holding the shape of containers then moves toward the bottom feeder, the bottom is a paper roll. The paper roll is heat-sealed to the disposable paper food bowls.

This is how disposable paper food container manufacturers make disposable food bowls for our consumption. Making it pretty, sturdy, and eco-friendly.

Paper food Bowls with food

Disposable paper ice cream cups
Ice cream paper cups

Disposable paper food container manufacturers, pack these colorful, branded disposable paper food bowls carefully and hygienically in carton boxes and sends them to the restaurants.

The advantages of using disposable paper food containers are many. For your benefit, a few are listed below;

  1. Food can be presented in beautiful, branded colorful paper food containers.
  2. The same paper food bowls can be refrigerated if it is carrying cold food items like ice creams or salads.
  3. The food packed in paper food bowls can be reheated in a oven, making it so convenient for the end users.
  4. Guilt free consumption, as these paper food bowls are eco-friendly.

Waste to mud

Aecoz has a specialized paper, which is lined with a water-based coating. We make sure that we take every step closer to make it lovable by the planet.

Disposable paper container manufacturers, Aecoz use 100% biodegradable paperboards. CIPET from India has certified that the paperboard has ‘Zero (0)’ plastic in them. So, be assured and enjoy your on-the-go food, guilt-free. The waste you generated becomes mud in 180 days.

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