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Dos and Don’ts for food delivery and takeaway

admin Comment 1 February 15, 2021

The year 2021 is predicted to be Bull Run for food delivery and takeaway. More and more big companies are coming up with chain cloud kitchens, like Amazon, Wendy’s, etc., and many players are already in the market,, Ola foods, etc., The restaurants will also have to up their ante to stay in the ring. Honestly, this can be an opportunity to make some extra bucks as well.

So, here we present to you, Dos and Don’ts for restaurant deliveries that may help the stand-alone restaurants to catch up with the big guns.


  • Focus on your ‘Hero’ products.

While listing in the food delivery apps, introduce the ‘Hero’ products first. These products should be so chosen, that they are customers’ favorite and can be presented very well.

  • Opportunity to brand advertisement.

This is best opportunity to advertise your restaurant and products. Since customers are not coming to your restaurant to enjoy the ambience, it gives you an opportunity to extend this ambience via food delivery / takeaway packaging. Get a nice design printed on your packaging (this can be done only on disposable paper packaging). If you are a high-end Bistro restaurant, or street style food, both can stand out with the perfect packaging.

  • Pack for safe delivery

You are reaching out to your customers through a food delivery agent. His only goal is to reach his customers on time. To make sure that happens, you must ensure safe packaging. Make sure that the hot food and cold food is packed separately, heavy food should be settled down and the light food should be on top. This will help you, and the delivery agent and your customers to receive right product.

  • Check you packaging

Food packaging is one of the primary things after the food itself. You have found best packaging, you have branded it very well, and you have to absolutely make sure about the quality also. Get the samples, pack your food in that, keep it for 30 mins, take it out or better yet, drive it around and check if the contents inside are intact.


  • Unsuitable Packaging

Unsuitable packaging leads to leakage of food and also in food arriving cold. Be mindful of the packaging; choose a range of food packaging products that can be used to serve many of your meals. Try and not use the same packaging for all your products, this will also help your customers to distinguish in the food that came via food delivery or takeaway.

  • Packing all in one

When the customer orders many meals in, do not try and pack all the food in one bag. Make sure you sort out the food according to the course. Salads can go in one bag, hot food in another, and desserts in another. Make sure you use different packaging for all.

  • Test the items of delivery

Before staring off the food delivery or takeaway section. Make sure that you test everything. The menu, is it delivery worthy? The food, will it be good at the end of delivery? The packaging, does it hold the product properly? Make sure the answer is yes for all the above before starting the services.

  • Adding promotion

Reaching customer’s homes with your product is one of the beautiful experiences. It is also an amazing opportunity to promote your product and expect a resell. You can hold on to the customer, by offering them some promotional offers via the food packaging. It is a win-win for both. You have a regular customer, and the customer gets a discount of being a regular. Making use of promotional activity is one of the most important things.

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