Paper take out containers

What is India Ordering: Paper take-out containers

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Can you ever imagine Indians without food? We Indians love our food. We have the most variety of food dishes. In India, the cuisine changes every 200 km. We are the creative lot when it comes to food with innumerable options to choose from, brought to you with love in paper take-out containers.

Many food delivery apps have released the most ordered take-out items in their apps and here are the top 6 winners.


Paper take out containers

The world famous Biryani. This most delicious food is made with rice and vegetables or meat. Spices are used a plentiful in this dish giving it a pleasant aroma.  According to Swiggy and Zomato this is the most take out dish in the year 2021.

Note to restaurants: Aecoz has perfect take-out boxes for this biryani. 500 ml Paper take-out boxes, 750 ml paper take-out containers and 1000 ml paper take-out containers are the perfect options. Aecoz has also developed partitions for these boxes, which have perfect compartments. Aecoz offers 2 compartments, 3 compartments eco-friendly takeaway food boxes, where the restaurants can serve biryanis on either one side or two sides.


Samosa in paper take out containers

India’s favorite snack ‘Samosa’. 2021 yet again proved, how much Indians love Samosas.  Samosas have been reinvented with multiple flavors to suit the taste buds of millions of millions of samosa fans. A whopping 50 lakh pieces of samosas were sold in swiggy alone.

Note to restaurants: Look no more on the packaging. Aecoz offers perfect takeout food containers for samosas. Our 350 ml takeaway container can easily hold a samosa, and you can pack it along with 50 ml paper takeout boxes for the red and green chutney.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun in paper takeout container

Like all the other food, when it comes to dessert, we all know the range of sweet dishes India has. Of all those varieties, one has emerged a clear winner and that is our very own ‘Gulab Jamun’ round brown drops of heaven. Swiggy has declared that Gulab Jamun was the second-highest ordered food item on their platform in the year 2021. Continue enjoying this heavenly delight in eco-friendly takeaway containers by Aecoz.

Note to restaurants: Gulab Jamun can be served in our 100 ml paper takeout boxes, while multiple Gulab Jamuns can be packed in 250 ml paper takeaway containers also.

Paneer Butter Masala:

Indian Curry in takeaway containers

What is the most popular side dish for Rotis? The argument ends here, as by popularity, Paneer Butter Masala wins by a mile. Paneer butter masala with butter naan together was delivered in 1.1 million portions. There you go people, continue making your favorite Paneer butter masala word famous, in eco-friendly Aecoz containers.

Note to restaurants: Aecoz is your answer for any type of eco-friendly packaging. Paneer butter masala can be delivered in our 350 ml paper takeaway containers with paper lids. Making it very easy to carry, easy to eat, and guilt-free disposables.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji in take out containers

Maharashtra’s famous street food is now a household name in all of India. Pav Bhaji is the 5th most ordered food in the year 2021. 2 portions of ghee toasted bread, with aromatic bhaji, is just soul-satisfying for millions of Indians. Pav Bhaji now can be savored in guilt-free paper packaging by Aecoz.

Note to Restaurants: Pav bhaji can be served in an aesthetically pleasing carrier meal box designed by Aecoz. Carrier meal boxes are completely customizable according to the requirement of the customer.

Dal Khichdi

Dal Khichdi in paper food containers

The Humble dish Dal Khichdi, the comfort food of most Indian households, has emerged as one of the top food ordered in the previous year. Talk about a pandemic and the perfect food that reminds you of home. Sigh… And Aecoz offers a comfort solution to this comfort food.

Note to restaurants: Our 500 ml takeaway food containers with paper lids, offer the best solution for this home (soul) food.

Ice Cream

paper ice cream cup with lids wholesale

When you know you are craving food and you don’t know what to eat, the only food that comes to mind is Ice cream. Ice creams are available in many different flavors and many different combinations. Single scoop, double scoop, many scoops, sundaes, and many more… Don’t worry Aecoz has got you covered.

Note to restaurants: From 50 ml paper takeout boxes for a single scoop to 1000ml paper takeaway containers for your heartful sundaes, we have got you covered. You can contact us for any kind of customized brand printing also.




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